You are disconnected
Disconnected from nature
Disconnected from other human beings
We all are.


You don't know what is in your food
You don't know if it is fulfilling or just a passing diet
You don't know where it comes from
You don't know who cared for our food or harmed


And, we, as tribes, create enemies.
We act resourceless.
We battle with those we deem "other".


Peace is connection, cooperation, health and prosperity.
Because healthy and bonded people do not war against each other.


They coexist, they colive.


Food is not just energy
Food is not a diet
Food is not fake
Food does no harm


Food is connection.
Food is celebration.
Food is joy.
Food is health.
Food is peace.


We seek the purest ingredients nature has to offer from where the humanity was challenged the most, to connect us all with alchemy.


Food is the alchemy of turning nature into humanity
To turn ordinary into Extra Ordinary
into Extra Peaceful
into Extra Virgin
olive oil


To be delighted in and in wonder of
To be given and shared
To connect
to colive


Go ahead,
Taste without limits