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Our Story

Alex and Hasan, a greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot inside an olive tree holding olives and smiling


Born out of passion for quality and equality 

Hasan and Alex met in their first days of university in the UK and discovered they were both from Cyprus.
Their friendship grew, eventually spanning a decade after Alex moved back to Cyprus, and Hasan stayed in London.
So when Hasan realised Cyprus could be the birthplace of the world's rarest olive oil, he knew that with Alex's help, they could not only create an amazing product but also help their island thrive.

Thus, Colive Oil was born, bringing high-quality, locally grown Kıbrıslı/Kypriaki/Cypriot olives from groves in the North and the South to be pressed together into the rarest olive oil in the world. In crossing the demilitarised zone dividing Cyprus, these olives create a totally Cypriot, globally unique olive oil with the social mission of bringing people together in spite of conflicts.

Alex and Hasan are leading by example; Alex is now CFO of Colive Oil, and Hasan, the founder, is CEO.