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Our Team

We are the people behind Colive. 

Founders' Story

Colive was born out of a passion for quality and equality. 

Hasan and Alex met in their first days at a university in the UK and discovered they were both from the same island but on different sides of a border. Their friendship grew with time for more than a decade. 

When Hasan realized Cyprus could be the birthplace of the world's rarest olive oil, he knew that with Alex's help, they could not only create an amazing product but also help their island thrive. 

Thus, Colive Oil was born. We bring high-quality, locally grown indigenous Cypriot olives from groves in northern and southern Cyprus to be pressed together into the rarest olive oil in the world. 

In crossing the demilitarised zone dividing Cyprus, these olives create a truly and wholly Cypriot, globally unique olive oil with the social mission of bringing people together despite conflicts. Alex and Hasan are leading by example.

Colive is the first company in Cyprus for over 50 years to operate truly island-wide and directed jointly by Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Alexandros and Hasan Siber carrying crates among olive trees, smiling



Hasan is a startup addict that has built companies in more than 12 countries and is currently a foodie peace capitalist and certified olive oil sommelier.

Hasan Siber by an olive tree in an olive grove



Alex is a socially-minded financial expert that makes sure Colive all is as balanced in business as it is in flavor.


Marketing Lead

Cemre isa caring psychologist turned marketer dedicated to growth for peace.

Cemre Berk next to an olive tree in a green olive grove


Policy Lead

Ece is a United Nations veteran, working in war-stricken countries for economic development.

Ece Akcaoglu Mercado in front of Home for Cooperation