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A rare olive oil; hand-picked olives from family farms with over 900 years old olive trees at the right time, cold-pressed for the ultimate taste experience.

It is the perfect item for every gourmand, aspiring chef and dinner party host.

  • Aroma: Fresh & fruity vapours that fill the lungs & hint of indulging rich essence

  • Taste: Ever growing rich fruitiness with a crescendo of spice that has a peppery finish on the palate

  • Cultivar: Cypriot / Kypriaki / Kıbrıslı olives hand-picked from small family farms

  • Cold-pressed to keep nutrients and antioxidants

  • Its free acidity is less than 0.2% making it an ultra-premium olive oil

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. Because of your happiness and a lasting relationship matter to us.

You have a mission

This is a story of two friends

They and their families eat and live together.

Then something bad happens and families get separated.

When the girls go back to the place they always meet

they find a fence in the middle.

Your mission is to literally pull for peace

and bring our families together.

Are you ready?

What is in the box?

Handmade porcelain bowl

Feel the hand-poured, hand-shaped and hand-decorated bowl. It perfectly complements all the premium range bottles.

The clay comes from Limoges, France. It is regarded as one of, if not the one, the purest porcelain clay. We do not glaze the outside of the bowl so you can experience its truest and porous form.

Start a conversation. Continue the story

Single Cultivar Olive Oil

Only olives native to Cyprus make it to the bottles of our premium range.
On this small Mediterranean island , Kypriaki variety is just produced by a number of family farms across a 50 year old ceasefire line.
Making it one of the
rarest olive oils in the World

Elegant, durable box

The box itself is a hard box perfect for gifting.

Only our Limited Signature Edition get signed by the Colive team as its namesake.

A card that tells our story

We include a card inside that tells about your mission to complete your journey on the road to a more peaceful world.

Colive Promise

Tastiest and healthiest food possible


Directly sourced from small family farms


Natural and symbiotic agriculture methods


Treat all people equally, and benefit most rather than the few


10% of profits are donated for positive change in Cyprus, and then the World.

Colive in Press

Mentioned in 15 countries and in 8 languages
"In Cyprus, one last wall to knock down before reunification"
Le Journal du dimanche is one of the largest French newspapers circulating over 200,000 papers per day, and reach more than 7.5 million per month
"Oil for peace: Cypriots turn to commerce to bridge Greek-Turkish divide"
Euronews reaches almost 400 million homes across 160 countries. It reaches more viewers in continental Europe than any of its rivals.

"Olive oil company unites Cyprus with a ‘taste of peace’

PRI shows are heard on almost 900 public radio affiliate stations by 9.6 million people, mainly in the USA

Reviewers say it all



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