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About Colive

Imagine an island in the middle of the Mediterranean with a climate perfect for olives. The island is full of trees that give birth to unique olives, thus, extraordinarily-delicious olive oil.

But this island is divided into pieces along ethnic lines after decades of civil unrest and war.

That's why we go to both sides of the divide to harvest our olives while building the ground for cooperation and donating 10% of profits for lasting peace.

Colive is not just a label. Our team is involved in every step of the journey, from the trees of our partner family farms, all the way to your table. Crafted by a sommelier, Colive celebrates extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as the original Mediterranean superfood that can enhance your recipes and enrich your table.

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There is an island. It is a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean, close to the Middle East. It is called Cyprus. There is a ceasefire line dividing the island but it wasn't always there. Here is a brief summary of the Cyprus Problem...
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Would you like to know what a social business is?
Colive is one.

You can continue to read about what makes a business social and what different terms on similar concepts mean. You will read about why and how Colive is a social business in this article.
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You are disconnected. 
We all are. 

You are disconnected from humanity, the global community. 
You are disconnected from the earth, nature. 
You are disconnected from the source of your food. 

That is why we started Colive. 
We exist to connect

  • 2 min read