About Us

Peace, Planet and Olives.

Why Colive?

Because you live in a divided world.

That is why we harvest exceptional olive oil from both sides of a conflict zone to grow lasting peace. So, you taste a more peaceful world with every drop.

We started in Cyprus, where there is a 112-mile ceasefire line dividing this Mediterranean island with barbed wire and concrete for over 50 years.

The line separates two main communities; Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots following civil unrest, war, and displacement.

Our olives are the first ever to cross this ceasefire line, making this cooperation a unique starting point for lasting peace.

Founded by young Greek and Turkish Cypriots, we work with small family farms on both sides of the divide for grassroots peace efforts.

We work to find common ground on our island to share peace with the World.

Colive is a modern olive oil brand with a peaceful mission.