Partner Farmers

You are holding a bottle of EVOO that is grown by families in a conflict zone.

We partner directly with family farms that are separated by a ceasefire line made up of barbed wire, trenches and the last divided capital of the world.

We connect them with you and each other to create an environment for reconciliation and cooperation.

We also offer education on regenerative organic agriculture for farms that are more financially sustainable and climate change resilient.

The farms are in alphabetical order 

Christodoulou Family

Cultivar: Cypriot

The old couple tends to their 200 trees on what used to be a rose farm.

Agathokleous Family

Cultivar: Cypriot, Koroneiki, Arbequina

This farm is one of the first two of our farms we partnered up with. It is a modern family farm with a large number of trees.

Charalampidis Family

Cultivar: Koroneiki, Kalamon, Cypriot

A lovely goat farmer family that diversified their land with olive trees.

Ersoy Family

Cultivar: Koroneiki, Picual

Frangou Family

Cultivar: Koroneiki, Cypriot

A free-range, organic chicken farmer family that diverse their land with olive trees

Kaş Family

Cultivar: CypriotThis farm is one of the first two of our farms which has our most prized trees. On this farm, we have a 900-year-old tree surrounded by trees that are between 10 and 800 years old. They are tended by a man passionate about olives.

Kyrou Family

Cultivar: Local Cypriot olives

Father and son duo runs this lovely farm

Adademir Family

Cultivar: Koroneiki

The young generation of the family revived over 100 trees on this farm

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