Rare olives from conflict zones to nurture a peaceful World

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"More than just olive oil"

"Colive boasts a complex, bright flavor that's perfect for dipping and drizzling."

"Plus, the bottle is so pretty!"

Pour for Peace
Why we do what we do?

A peaceful world

Our mission is simple.

We do what we do for peace.

We harvest rare olives from family farms on both sides of the conflict zones and create food products to build economical cooperation to incentivize peace.

All our proceeds go towards building a larger farmer and food community in conflict zones to nurture peace.

10% of profits from each of our bottles are invested in peace education and social entrepreneurship.

So, you taste a more peaceful world with every delicious drop.

Taste without Limits


Why is Colive EVOO different?

Rare olives from Cyprus

Our olives are local only to this island in its unique micro climate int the middle of the Mediterranean.

That is why we have a taste unmatched by any other EVOO.

Directly from family farms

We source directly from the family farms and personally each of our farmers. Do you know want to know who grows your olives?

Just scan the QR code on the bottle.

Crafted by a sommelier

Yes, olive oil sommeliers exist!

We have one of the best that leads our production from tree, designed all the way to your table.