You are disconnected.
We all are. 


You are disconnected from humanity, the global community.
You are disconnected from the earth, nature.
You are disconnected from the source of your food.


That is why we started Colive.
We exist to connect.




There is prejudice.
There is racism
There is injustice.
There is poverty.


There are post-conflict zones in the World.
There are long-standing political disputes.


Post-conflict is a label that we put on communities healing after a violent period.


More common than not, the ball dropped on conflicts keep on bouncing.


Economic problems cause conflicts, and conflicts heighten financial issues.
It is a cyclical problem.



People holding each other's wrists in a know to support  


Another option 

We exist to connect.
We want you to help create another option.


We connect for tasty food.
We connect for prosperity.
We connect for authenticity.


Economic development is essential for peace-building efforts to initiate and sustain peace. We all need to be better off than we were at war, for peace to be permanent.


Develop for peace

The solution is at the grassroots. The solution is the seeds of communication and cooperation. 

Bring people together, have them communicate and cooperate.

You connect to local farmers and help communities connect. You create a line for cooperation and communication between these communities.

And we started with where we come from Cyprus.

Cyprus has two central divided communities that our founders are from. "Green Line," a demilitarized buffer zone, separates these communities are from each other. We have tales of conflict and violence. More importantly, though, we also have stories of peace and getting along.

We can reflect on the lessons we get from Cyprus to other parts of the World.

We work for a world in which humanity cooperates and communicates for a better and more peaceful world.

Food connects everyone.


A woman's hand extending an olive branch. It is a symbol of peace in the world.



Why olive oil? 

We love olives! 

It is the last point, but not the least.


We live to taste.

We knew that olive oil is very underrated.

We knew that Cypriot olive oil is even more so.

We live on the intersection of taste and ethics.


The olive oil market is also fragmented and murky. Experts allege that some big players are fraudulent. They add other things to the olive oil they buy from faceless middlemen. 


We love the double meaning that connects it all. You are extending an olive branch to help the World heal.


So, why, Colive? 

Colive exists to connect. 

We exist for a world where there is one global community living in understanding, justice, and equality. 

May 27, 2020 — Colive Team
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