Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz

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By Colive

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100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil that stands for peace and taste

Imagine holding a small glass of olive oil in your hands. Your hands warm up the oil to fresh and fruity vapors, filling your nose with inviting fresh-cut grass and flora

Take a little sip to swirl around your tongue. You will first taste an artichoke followed by rich fruitiness that ends with a peppery finish on the throat, just enough to tell you that this oil is good for your health too.  

This is a balanced olive oil designed to be used for finishing dishes to elevate the taste, and it is sweet enough for baking. You can pour and simply dip your bread with a loved one too.  

Harvest ended on January 2021

Bottled in July 2021

100% recyclable glass bottle wrapped in UV protective sleeve to protect and keep your oil fresh as long as possible. The sleeve makes the glass easily recyclable with much fewer emissions than painting. 

The bottle shows the level of olive oil through the line that tracks the 112-mile demilitarized buffer zone dividing Cyprus. 

From family farms to your table, see each family farm that provided olives for your bottle via the QR code on the bottle.