The health benefits of olive oil seem to come up a lot, but there is more to the story than being heart healthy.

Olive oil is an old friend to most of us. We know about the health benefits of olive oil, what EVOO is, that we want the most-extra-virgin we can find for dipping or putting on salads. In fact, there are so many reasons to use it, sorting through the white noise can be difficult. That's why we've put together a short list for you of a few of our favourite things about olive oil!

Three reasons to use olive oil that you might be missing:

1) The health benefits of olive oil: It’s good for your body.

This might seem obvious, but it’s arguably the most important. Studies have shown olive oil is good for your heart, with high amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. But, did you also know it has been linked to a reduction in risk of Alzheimer’s and helping breast cancer survivors lose weight? Obviously, it's not a miracle medicine-nothing is-but a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil has long been shown to be full of health benefits.


2) Taste test: There's a whole lexicon of flavors.

In the end, olives are fruit, which means we talk about olive oil flavors similarly to wines. Olive oil taste-testers are called sommeliers, just like with wine. There is a lexicon specifically for addressing the varieties and differences in flavors. Terminology includes “fruity,” “peppery,” “nutty,” even “rancidity.” Stay tuned to the blog for more about these terms, and how to do your own olive oil tasting so we can help you become an olive oil expert.

3) It’s good for your soul.

The takeaway: olive oil isn’t just for eating, or drinking if you’re a hardcore fan (yes, people do this happily). It’s been used in religious and self-care traditions for centuries. Legend has it King David was anointed in it, and it's been used in luxurious soaps and cosmetics for ages. You can make many of these yourself, and once you understand how, the possibilities are endless. But more than that, recent studies show the nutrients in olive oil may help reduce symptoms of depression and boost mood.

So don't hold back on the golden goodness. The ways to use extra virgin olive oil are endless, and different regions will have different characteristics in flavor, texture and color. Try out some different oils by region or cultivar, and in different ways to find out the ones you love and why. And don't forget to send us your ideas, photos and favorite recipes! We might just call you up for a guest blog or feature on our website!

October 09, 2018 — Colive Team